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a relaxing planner set up with flowers and candles

Self-Care Strategies for Students to Reduce Stress

Being a student can be stressful, and self-care practices can be difficult to maintain when juggling school responsibilities. We've put together some strategies to help reduce stress and maintain ...

a student workspace with planner spread and time management tools

Effective Time Management Strategies for Students

Time management is a common challenge students face. Here are some helpful strategies to help you manage your time more effectively as a student.

PlannersHow Can Planners Improve Your Life? - Hemlock & Oak

How Can Planners Improve Your Life?

Using an agenda planner is an effective way to stay organized and manage your time in a healthy and productive manner. By setting goals and prioritizing tasks...

Planninga planner spread illustrating the time blocking method

What is Time-Blocking?

A brief explanation on the benefits of time-blocking, with a step-by-step guide on how to use time-blocking as a time management tool.

Printable Weekly Planner from Home, ready for your own inserts or more

Free 2024 Weekly Planner Download

In this Article: Why Use a Weekly Planner? How do I get a Weekly Planner for free? What's in this Free Download Weekly Planner? How to Use Thi...

Benefits of Using an Undated Planner

Are you tired of constantly buying a new planner every year, only to find that you don't use it as much as you thought you would? Or maybe you struggle with the pressure of filling in dates and fee...

What is better: A Bullet Journal or a Planner?

Are you struggling to decide between a bullet journal and a traditional planner to help you stay organized? With the plethora of planning systems available, it can be challenging to find the best ...

PlannersIs a digital or physical planner best? A brief guide - Hemlock & Oak

Is a digital or physical planner best? A brief guide

It might be tough deciding whether physical or digital planners are better for you. Do you prefer the act of opening a physical book and settling down away from a screen, or do you prefer to get it...

How to Review Your Year (Free Year-end Review Printable)

How to Review Your Year (Free Year-end Review Printable)

Table of Contents Memories and Gratitude Reviewing Challenges Celebrating Achievements What Five Memories do you Want to Cherish? Who or What are you Grateful for? Reviewing Values and Intenti...

PlanningThe Definitive Guide to Planning: 2023 Edition - Hemlock & Oak

The Definitive Guide to Paper Planning: 2024 Edition

Using paper planning can make a big difference in your journey to being organized and mindful. However, if you're feeling a intimidated by the idea, you're not alone. This 2024 edition of "The Defi...