Made local.

That's our mission: to give you locally-made, ethical, and meaningful stationery products made in Canada or the USA.

Behind The Brand

Welcome to Our Sanctuary.

Our store opened November 9th, 2020, with the launch of our Signature 2021 planner. In this corner of the internet, you'll find tools that put your values first in products that are mindfully made. It's our mission to give you the right tools and resources so you reach your aspirations & dreams without the burnout... all without worrying about where your products are coming from.

All of our products are ethically and environmentally-sound and made in Canada or the USA. We are excited to offer you high quality stationery that is crafted with care and mindfulness.

Why did you start this business?

Hemlock & Oak was born out of my career-centric lifestyle and the burnout that resulted. Unfortunately, this lifestyle resulted in a repetitive strain injury that I still struggle with today. Pressure to hussle 24/7 is high these days, and work-related injuries are common. Not long after my own injury, I saw my co-workers struggle with RSI, shoulder, and back issues.

I wanted to help people prevent these problems. Planners are something I’ve used my whole life, but I wanted to create a planner that could remind people to connect with their personal values. Values are the behaviours and traits that are important to us. For me, that means things like health, family, wellness, and self-care. They were all things I neglected when I was work-centric.

The Hemlock & Oak weekly planner has gentle reminders to connect with your values each day. It also reviews them on a regular basis, and helps you set them up in the beginning. If my past-self had this planner, I would have had a reminder to focus on the more important aspects of my life.

That's why I've put the Hemlock & Oak 2021 Planner out there: to help other people avoid burnout.

Behind The Name


Why Hemlock & Oak?

The Mountain Hemlock is a species of evergreen tree throughout Canada that represents grace, change, and long-term planning. Meanwhile, the Oak represents inner strength and integrity, something that our planners integrate by focusing on your personal values. 

"This is a time of change and movement. By approaching change with grace, we allow life to unfold before us without fear or anxiety." - Laural Wauters

"The spirit of oak is held deep within in our collective memory. It asks us to listen to the sound of the wind so we can hear the voice of the divine within us and around us. By owning our truth and our voice, we will gain a clearer sense of what we need to accomplish and how. By choosing our words wisely we will be able to stand strong yet remain open, even in the face of adversity." - Laural Wauters

Our Values Are Your Values.

Mindful Planning. We don't just create to-do lists: we help you stay mindful of your wellbeing and personal values.

Ethical Consciousness. We are aware of the troubles in this world with unjust labour practices. We've chosen to manufacture our products locally

Environmental Compassion. We are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low and ensure that our paper paper is FSC certified and Ancient Forest Friendly. 

Community Love. Your voice and feedback helps us create the best products possible.

Practice Kindness. We're the always-there-for-you type. Let us help you live your life to your fullest possibilities.