We Are Stationery and
Sustainability Enthusiasts

About our Founder, Tia Masic

Tia launched Hemlock & Oak with the goal of distrupting the plastic-laden, environmentally-overlooked stationery industry while designing mindful products that would encourage value-centered living. After learning that most "faux leathers" and other stationery items (including paper) contained plastic, she decided to research and support new and upcoming materials to better change the industry. Her goal is to eventually have Hemlock & Oak become a closed-loop company.

As a result, Hemlock & Oak has grown into a community of thousands of planner and stationery aficionados.

Why Sustainable Stationery?

Planners, pens, stickers, and their packaging all utilize petroleum-based materials and plastics. Not only do these disposable items end up in the bin, but they are contributing to global microplastic issues that are ending up in our foodchain. From the liners that back stickers, to the pens that we write with, and even the cover materials on journals and planners.

Because we are focused on sustainable sourcing and production, we are creating products that are recyclable, plastic-free, and based on renewable materials. It's our goal in the next five years to be zero-waste and reliant on post-consumer waste and/or biodegradability for manufacturing materials.

When people create businesses, they are taught to iterate quickly and with as little money as possible. In order to appease investors and/or create better profit, searching for a supplier or manufacturer on websites has become an increasingly popular way to get your product online.

After speaking to manufacturers overseas, it became increasingly clear that businesses are not investigating their supply chains or factories. Dropshipping and importing from uninvestigated suppliers has become commonplace. Unfortunately, forced, abusive, and/or exploitive labour is extremely common, easy to hide, and difficult to pinpoint overseas.

By supporting family-owned manufacturers in Canada, we can form partnerships and ensure that production is done in an ethical and sustainable way.

Daily Notepad - Hemlock & Oak

Obsessively Sustainable, Down to the Details.

All of our packaging is FSC-certified and either zero waste, recyclable, or home compostable. Our shipping boxes are made right near us to cut our carbon footprint down even more.

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Cherished by Many


This is my second year buying the Daily Planner.

It's a beautiful book with tons of space to plan and organize my chaos. The paper is lovely to write on. The book stays open very well, even though it's thick.

And I love that it's made in Canada and sustainably made! Love it!

Josée L. 

Got my 2024 weekly planner a few days ago and it has everything I am looking for in a planner. I love the colour and texture of the cover and it looks absolutely incredible and the ribbon charm is just too cute 🥹. The paper is thick and I love the feeling of writing on it. Great product, cannot wait for 2024 so I can start using it, will definitely be buying a planner for 2025 from here.

Ibtesam M.

I am so in love with my 2024 daily planner. The color is absolutely gorgeous. It is great quality and I cannot wait to start my planning and journaling in one book. First time using Hemlock & Oak and I can tell I will be a repeat customer! Thank you H&O! ❤️


I love this planner. Really great quality and is sturdy, even when packed full of stickers. This new cover colour is gorgeous and the paper is so nice to write on-no bleed through and only shadowing if I use heavy highlighters. H&O kept me up to date on my order for the pre-sale. I’ve used the undated weekly for the past 6 months so can’t wait to have the full year in a dated planner.

Rachel S.

I spent over two months looking for a planner that looked clean and classy while being petite and lay flat. It has a verticals weekly layout (why are those so hard to find??) with plenty of space despite its small silhouette AND everything is ethically made? The paper quality is incredible, the accessories are neat and clean. Truly—it is the best thing on the market and the price is reasonable.


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