Hemlock & Oak believes in creating products that are as meaningful as they are ethical.

Women in action.

Sustainable design.

We support British Columbia's Old Growth Forests, as well as the Cool Earth Organization. Environmental responsibility is our priority when we create local stationery.

Power to the people.

Our products are created in-house in Vancouver, BC, and made in Canada with people that value the environment, treat their employees fairly, and prioritize diversity.

Timeless design.

We prioritize using materials that are high quality and local so that your stationery isn't a throaway. It's a keepsake.

Why Hemlock & Oak?

The Mountain Hemlock is a species of evergreen tree throughout Canada that represents grace, change, and long-term planning. Meanwhile, the Oak represents inner strength and integrity, something that our planners integrate by focusing on your personal values. 

"This is a time of change and movement. By approaching change with grace, we allow life to unfold before us without fear or anxiety." - Laural Wauters

"The spirit of oak is held deep within in our collective memory. It asks us to listen to the sound of the wind so we can hear the voice of the divine within us and around us. By owning our truth and our voice, we will gain a clearer sense of what we need to accomplish and how. By choosing our words wisely we will be able to stand strong yet remain open, even in the face of adversity." - Laural Wauters

Our Values Are Your Values.

Mindful Planning. We don't just create to-do lists: we help you stay mindful of your wellbeing and personal values.

Ethical Consciousness. We are aware of the troubles in this world with unjust labour practices. We've chosen to manufacture our products locally

Environmental Compassion. We are committed to keeping our carbon footprint low and ensure that our paper paper is FSC certified and Ancient Forest Friendly. 

Community Love. Your voice and feedback helps us create the best products possible.

Practice Kindness. We're the always-there-for-you type. Let us help you live your life to your fullest possibilities.