Brass Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Eco Pen - Brass
Eco Pen - Brass
Brass Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Brass Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Brass Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Brass Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Brass Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Eco Pen - Brass

Eco Pen - Brass

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      Made in Canada

      Eco-friendly solid brass

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We were so impressed when we met Brian Howey that we collaborated with him to bring you a sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist all-brass pen. Weighing just 45g, brass is a recyclable material and can be used for a lifetime (and generations to come!). With 17 years of metal-working experience, Brian is passionate about small-batch, local production just like us. 

Crafted with precision, each pen has a gorgeous smooth finish and uses a twist mechanism to open, close, and refill your pen with any ink that will fit. 

Brass is a highly sustainable, eco-friendly material. It can be recycled over and over again without losing its composition. It's also more energy-efficient compared to other materials. 

Did you know that brass is a combination of copper and zinc? It's got the antimicrobial properties of copper, but doesn't tarnish as quickly and doesn't rust. 

Prefer something lightweight? Check out the aluminum pen! 

This pen fits any refill that's 4.35in (just under 11mm) or longer. Tested refills are currently:

‣ Pilot G2 ink

‣ Pilot Frixion

‣ Machined all-metal pens made from 464 lead-free naval brass (commonly used in the marine industry for its durability even in saltwater environments).

‣ 5.35in or a bit under 140mm

‣ 59% copper, 40% zinc, and 1% tin.

‣ Brass is beautiful, won't rust, and has a beautiful golden luster. 

‣ A subtle layer of patina can form over time, giving your pen an individual darkened pattern with use. Easily polished with any metal polish (or vinegar and beeswax!) 

‣ 45g with the Pilot G2, giving it a nice weight when writing. 

Customer Reviews

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Rebecca Cooper-Cunningham
So excelletn

I was so worried I would regret this purchase. The price is high, but the craftsmanship is phenomenal. everything fits perfectly and is so perfectly smooth and beautiful. I love the weight of the brass in my hand; it's very grounding and can help me with some hand cramping as well. I would absolutely recommend this pen.


I love this pen! It writes so nicely and feels great to hold.

Rebecca Wilson
Love this pen!

I just love this pen. The weight is perfect and it’s so beautiful / elegant. A nice way to add a bit of decadence to my writing experience each day. <3

Katie Merrill
A Dream Pen!!

I have been totally hooked on this pen since it arrived. First off, I love that it uses the ink cartridges that are from my favorite pens. I have tested Zebra Sarasa cartrigdges, Inkjoy cartridges, and Pilot G2 cartridges and they all fit perfectly. The last "nice pen" that I treated myself to only accepted very specific inks, and not ones that I liked, so it has been sitting empty in my pen cup ever since.

It's super comfortable to hold, and the weight is amazing. I was worried about it being too slippery, but it just sits in your hand perfectly and is very easy to write with.

So happy to be a fancy pen user, and am glad to finally have one that I love!

Kat Gray
Excellent pen

It has an incredible weight and feel to it. I have already bought a replacement ink as I never want to be without it. I love it. I will never loan it out. My spouse is jealous.


there's a story.

weighty and strong so you can

keep a light grip.


infinitely recyclable.

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