Clip Band Elastic

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Color: Rosewood (imperfect match)
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A beautiful clip band that attaches to the back cover of your book to help keep your planner closed! The clips themselves have been machined in China, while the elastics are hand-dyed by the H&O team in order to match your planner. 

Customer Reviews

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Reba (British Columbia, Canada)

I love this band, it fits perfectly, it is secured with a gold clip in the back which has a very elegant style. I take my Weekly Planner with me everywhere and the band really helps keep everything secure when I jam it in my work bag. I'm so glad I purchased this to go with my planner:)

Cynthia (Arizona, United States)
Love the 2024 Weekly

I ordered a 2024 H & O Weekly Planner in March when the original planner I had selected from another company just wasn't working for me. This is beautifully made, and it is working wonderfully for my weekly and monthly planning. Since I didn't purchase it right at the beginning of the year, I am gradually completing the introductory sections on values, goals, habits, etc. The monthly overview and review sections combined with the monthly calendars have improved my monthly planning and helped me get things done on time. Elastic band, ribbon charm, and back pocket add to the functionality and enjoyment of the planner. I also ordered a Priority Flow notepad that is a genius system on one small page that has been great for getting projects started by getting them out of my head and identifying next actions. I can either place sheets for current projects in the pocket in the back of my planner or use a little washi tape to afix a current high priority project plan to my monthly overview for use with weekly planning.

Dawn T. (British Columbia, Canada)
Beautiful planner

This is extremely well made journal. Its beautiful and made of high quality material and somewhat customizable.

Riley H. (Minnesota, United States)
A splash of color

I went back and forth between the Deep Forest and Mulberry for my daily planner and opted for the Deep Forest, so I'm glad to have picked up the Mulberry clip band to add a contrasting color.


Did not receive this product in my package, but Hemlock and Oak very promptly responded to my message and sent me a new package including both the items that were missing. Small women led business and they are simply fantastic. Highly recommend.