Priority Flow Notepad

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Perfect for work, school, projects, and entrepreneurs... we created this 100% post-consumer waste productivity flow notepad to give you space to brainstorm priorities. By utilizing the bottom braindump section, you can put your tasks in order and have a clear direction of how you want to execute your tasks.

To use it: 

1 - Start with a brain dump: Get all the to-dos and events out in one area at the bottom of the notepad. It's important to put this at the bottom because not everything is important!

2 - Highlight: Highlight the MOST important task (something time-sensitive or overdue), followed by the next urgent ones. 

3 - Make a flow: Follow the top of the priority flow and use the arrows to help you sort a flow that will help you stay on track!

Follow-up by time-blocking your tasks in your planner, and you're good to go! 

What's the deal with 100% post-consumer waste? This notepad (paper and backing) is made entirely of discarded waste. There are no virgin fibers (new trees) used in the production of this notepad. It's also incredibly bleed-resistant, especially for Tombow ABT markers! 

→ 52 pages per notepad 

→ 5" x 7"

→ 80lb (120gsm) 100% post-consumer waste paper

Customer Reviews

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Karina B. (Quebec, Canada)
Classy and sophisticated

I find I don't plan as consistently as I should, but using these products always bring me joy. With the notepad I never feel pressured to use it consistently like the planners!

marya (British Columbia, Canada)
LOVE these!!

This is the third or fourth time I've reordered the Priority flow pad. I find them so helpful in sorting out my brain and keeping myself organized, especially as someone with a bunch of different "hustles". They help me feel clear and productive, I use them daily. AND the back is a great piece of scrap paper.

Aika (New South Wales, Australia)
Simple and beautiful

Very impressed with this planner! Beyond being gorgeous, it’s highly functionally and so easy to get settled into. Guided reflection, review and overview pages completely rounds off the experience and definitely makes it feel like it’s more than ‘just a planner’

Anonymous (New Brunswick, Canada)
Great quality, professional products

I enjoyed using the calendars. The tools work well for planning and capturing tasks and priorities.

Suzanne B. (Quebec, Canada)

Priority Flow Notepad