A little bit about our packaging, and how your H&O order ships plastic-free:

  • Our standard mailers are made of kraft and can be recycled in your cardboard bin (sometimes paper – check with your recycler).
  • We use water-activated paper tape that can go straight into the recycling.
  • We pad your planners with tissue paper that can be composted.
  • While most shipping label liners are treated with a silicone coating, our shipping labels have recyclable liners. We've sometimes even used these to cushion your order in transport. If our tiny start-up can invest in these, so can the bigger folks!!
  • In 2021, each planner was wrapped by hand using sheets of kraft paper. These sheets and mailers were each individually screen printed by hand. As we grow, we will need to move to locally-made boxes that are pre-printed to make fulfilment more efficient (and to prevent tendonitis!), but we're still screen printing in 2022!
  • Our planner boxes are made in Canada too!

Thanks so much in your interested in our small business and Canadian-made! 

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