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Of Adults are Burned Out.

In today's fast-paced world, the majority of people sacrifice their well-being. Re-connecting with ourselves is pivotal for our mental and physical health.

Cross Burnout Off Your List

The right paper planner reduces stress, promotes overall well-being, and prevents burnout.

That's why our 2024 Weekly Planner is mindfully designed with therapy-approved techniques, so you can cultivate better self-care and decision-making.


5 Reasons Why the 2024 Weekly Planner Prevents Burnout

1. It increases your self-esteem

This planner is more than a schedule keeper; it's your personal guide to aligning your daily life with your deepest values. Discover what is truly important to you and make better choices. People who are aware of their values are more likely to carve out time for themselves. You'll understand how much you value your time and care for yourself on a deeper level. When you live by your values, studies show it can lead to higher self-esteem and confidence. [1] [2]

2. It helps you mindfully review and reflect

From mindset reframing pages to monthly reviews and reflections, the blueprint for a healthier lifestyle is integrated into this gorgeous, Canadian-made book.

2024 Daily & Weekly Bundle #color_

3. It clarifies your priorities

When you plan by your values, your priorities fall into place. This planner helps you arrange your values in order of importance. This means your priorities become crystal clear, and you can start planning your days with intention, self-care, and balance.

4. It encourages daily self-care

Each day of the weekly planner has an area devoted for self-care instead of scheduling. This way, you are encouraged to tune in with yourself, no matter how busy your schedule gets.

5. It's environmentally and ethically-aligned

We only use the highest certifications in our cover and paper materials. Our ribbons are 100% recycled, and our cover materials are REACH-compliant, FSC-certified, and more.

It stacks up.

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Catherine J.


I was looking for a simpler planner and I found it! The quality of the products is incredible, everything is beautiful! And I love that H&O is a Canadian company!



Newbie to Hemlock & Oak and beyond happy with adding this new edition to my 2024 planner stack. Currently using the daily planner as my journal. Love the simplicity and neutral layout. The paper is chef's kiss! No bleeding or shading. I have always been a coil gal so this book-bound style is new for me but loving it.


Absolutely Stunning

I absolutely love the 2024 planner. The paper quality is stellar and the binding looks like it will hold up well. I love the hourly layout and plenty of space to customize other sections. I think I found the one (in planners)!

Jeanette B.

Already so happy with my 2024 planner!

The new year hasn’t started yet, but I already love my new planner! I’ve started filling in some January bits & pieces, and I’m blown away by the quality of the paper and binding, and the thoughtfulness of the layout. All of my colleagues are jealous!


Beautiful Diary.

I love paper and this undated diary will serve me well. The craftsmanship and design is beautifully done and I look forward to using it.


Love this Planner.

I absolutely adore this planner! I got the forest green and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The paper is nice and thick and everything is put together neatly and straightforward. I can see the love that went into making this product! You got a customer in me for life.


An unreal dream come true

I spent over two months looking for a planner that looked clean and classy while being petite and lay flat. It has a verticals weekly layout (why are those so hard to find?) with plenty of space despite its small silhouette AND everything is ethically made? The paper quality is incredible, the accessories are neat and clean. Truly—it is the best thing on the market and the price is reasonable.

Weekly Planner is Absolutely Perfect!

I've been trying to find the perfect planner for the past 5 years and I found it!
I've been using the 2023 weekly planner since the start of the year and I've been able to plan effectively with how well structured it is.The page layouts are designed in such a flexible way; if you like to keep your planners minimalist, the pages dont look too empty. If you like to decorate with washi and stickers, there is definitely enough space to do so!

I can’t say enough good about this planner. There’s something about putting pen to paper that helps me remember better. I love everything about this brand!


I'm really enjoying my Weekly Planner. I appreciate the prompts that help me prioritize self-care, wellness, and living according to my values.

Kathleen H. C.

Great layout and quality paper. The additional pages (habits, values are helpful to guide regular introspection and planning more than just a schedule!

Jessica D.

I love this planner! The cover, the paper, the planning and the calendar, it's perfect!

@mvks_1 on instagram

This planner has been the best planner I’ve ever used. It is extremely customizable so it fits anything and everything you want. The layout fits my needs perfectly.

Julia B

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer D. (Ontario, Canada)
Fantastic Agenda!

In my opinion (I am a big pen to paper user) the HandO agenda is thoughtful, thorough and very user friendly. It’s a pleasure to use it everyday and makes me happy! 😊


Beautifully designed and crafted. It’s the perfect planner.

suzy (Basel-City, Switzerland)
Lovely quality

Beautiful journal and great thick quality pages to withstand stamping without bleeding through too much. Looking forward to adding to my collection


I find myself actively using this calendar more often than I’ve used other agendas due to the thoughtful layout and tracking spaces. It has everything I need to make sure my work-life is in order. Love.

Naomi G. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Beautiful journal!

Love the layout and appearance of this journal. It is so fun to use and helps to keep me organized. Would definitely buy again!

From My Desk to Yours

I founded Hemlock & Oak following a workplace injury resulting from burnout and worsening mental health.

My planner at the time was overly focused on work-centric "hustle" culture, neglecting self-care and alignment with my personal values. Furthermore, it was produced using unsustainable materials.

Determined to challenge the status quo, I spent a year researching and developing a planner that resonated with my values. This effort culminated in a successful Kickstarter launch in October 2020. The response was overwhelming, with the planners selling out within just two months.

Hemlock & Oak is now on a mission to evolve into a closed-loop company, continuously enhancing the quality of our products.

This journey has led to the formation of a thriving community of thousands of planner enthusiasts and stationery lovers.

Here's to mindful planning!

- Tia

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