Full features - undated

  • Vertical, minimal layout with a daily wellness reminder and 6-10 schedule
  • Exercises to help you connect with your personal values
  • Room for your own value statement
  • Attainable Habits: write habits that are easy for you to fall back on when you're busy
  • Self-reflection to help you start your year
  • Design your ideal day so that you have a framework to live by
  • Pages to reframe negative thoughts
  • Monthly overview to help you stick to your goals and values
  • Additional blank space on each monthly and weekly spread
  • Your own monthly space to brainstorm or get creative
  • A beautiful, two-spread calendar each month with self-care challenges
  • 2 pages to reflect on the last year
  • 2 pages to look ahead to next year
  • 10 blank pages for your own brainstorming, with an additional blank page each month of the year

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