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Undated Planner (Discounted Stock)
Rebecca Cooper-Cunningham
An example in brand excellence

I snagged an undated on sale, despite having a 2021 right now and planning to get the 2022 next year, because the deal was great and undated doesn’t expire. 1. The improvements since the original planner are exceptional. The binding, the size, the font, the slight changes to the content, is so impressive. 2. The ‘imperfections’ on the cover, which I struggled to find are minuscule. This is such a tribute to H&O’s eye for detail and aim for excellence. The planner is in such good shape that I will probably gift it to a friend to convert them to the brand rather than save it for myself. I would include a picture but I already tucked it away for gifting.

Absolutely beautiful!!!

I am loving my new planner! It came so beautifully wrapped and with such care to detail. Obsessed with the Peony color too! So lovely!!
Thank you!! :)

Undated Signature Planner
Caitlin Brintnell
I Bought the undated black jounal and love it!

I love this journal and I would buy it again, however, the only thing I would potentially change is the fact that I am one of those people that starts their ‘week’ on a Sunday. And this journals week starts on Monday. Not really a big issue and would still buy again but would also love to see a week starting on Sunday option that would make it absolutely perfect in my opinion!

Undated Signature Planner
Carolie Delisle
Perfect Planner

Absolutely love this planner ! it's got everything I've been looking for, ethical, useful, insightful and just be-you-tiful !! :)

Absolutely love it

This well-made, beautiful journal has allowed me to see my year differently and plan week-to-week and month-to-month better than just day-to-day. I was able to start a new year of reflection at any time with the undated version. That brought to life a chance for a fresh start at any day rather than having to wait until December 31st. That matters a lot. I have found that the activities at the beginning of the journal also helpful in grounding me in what meant the most in the past and defines my best days and experiences so I can make the best for the year ahead.

Undated Signature Planner
Simone Withecomb
What more could you ask for!

I am IN LOVE with this planner. I have purchased my fair share of planners and was unsure about spending the money on a new one. Once it arrived I knew I had made the right choice. I love that I can use any kind of pen or marker and not worry about it bleeding. The prompts at the beginning of the journal are such a great frame of mind to get you to consider how you are spending your time. Not only is it an hourly vertical layout but there is plenty of space to make other notes! Looking forward to many days of productivity in this book.

Undated Signature Planner
Quentin de Becker

Undated Signature Planner

Amazing Planner

I'm so impressed by this planner. I've tried pretty much every popular planner you can find, and this seems like the perfect fit. I'd followed the company's Instagram for a while, loved their content, and appreciated that they were a woman-owned, eco-conscious brand. I finally ordered my own and I couldn't stop oohing and ahhing as I unboxed it. It was like opening a present! It was beautifully wrapped and included personalized cards with my name. It feels like you're a valued customer, not just another order to quickly fill.

All that to say, I'm even more impressed by the journal itself. It's such a high quality - the craftsmanship is excellent. The quality fits the price. I also adore all of the pages devoted to developing your personal values and goals. After working through the provided exercises, I feel like I actually have good direction to effectively plan my weeks and months, rather than just being thrown into planning blind. I know I'll be a frequent customer and constant supporter of this brand. If you value high-quality and thoughtfully crafted planners, you won't be disappointed.

This is small, but I also appreciate how the month pages are first, and then the week pages. That way if I don't plan every week for a month, I'm not wasting pages. As much as I love planners, I struggle with consistent use and feel like this is actually something that can grow with me.

I'm so excited to use this more. If you're on the fence, buy it!

Adorable Planner

Was absolutely thrilled to receive my new planner from Hemlock & Oak. They had every bit of small personalized details that made it very special. The planner has everything you could think of while being simple, and high quality. Love that it’s made from small company in Canada.

Perfect Planner

I have tried many planners and this is the best, it has everything in one. I love that it is undated and gives you space and freedom to decorate/plan how you want. I also love the focus on goals, habits, and self care.

Stunning Products!

This planner is so great for anything you want to keep track of. I use the dated planner for my personal planning and I use the undated for work related planning as I can determine the dates myself. The layout is great, the size is perfect and the grid paper is an absolutely saviour for this leftie. Thank you for putting so much love into your products, it really shows!!

Hey Samantha! Thank SO much for sharing the photos, I appreciate it a lot. I'm so glad you think the size is perfect! YAY! The 2021 columns seemed a tad narrow for me, so I think widening the columns was a good move. You're so awesome, thanks for supporting Canadian-made! - Tia

Undated Signature Planner
Jessica Ibbotson
Enjoying it!

I'm really enjoying this planner for organization and a way to build motivation. It's minimal and organized. I enjoy the double bookmark and use one for calendar view and one for weekly view.


I LITERALLY adore this planner. I am so, so picky about the planners I use and this one is absolutely perfect. I write with fountain pens and there is no ghosting or bleed AT ALL. Just amazing.

Beautiful and Functional

I am loving my planner...but it is so much more than a planner! The design allows for freedom to utilize it the best way for YOU. The tips, suggestions, and personal pages have helped me to focus on my goals and values every week.
I am a lefty, so I fully appreciate that the planner lays flat. The paper is lovely to write on, and there is no ghosting. So happy I bought this! Go Canada!

High quality elegant planner

This weekly planner does it all, has the set up and thought invoking section for really getting to the what and why of your goals, and beautifully set monthly and weekly planning section for actioning your goals, taking care of yourself and other aspects of your life. As a mom with a full time career, a side hustle trying to grow our apiary, with my husband's long hours that can go from 14 hour shifts day or night, this planner helps me see the big picture, and break it down to what I need to do to get through the week

Like Planner a Lot...But

I really like my new planner a lot, but I think I would like the dated version even more so that is what I will order for 2022. In the meantime I will refer friends looking for planners to Hemlock and Oak.

Undated Signature Planner
Stephanie Kinney
Minimal/Professional/Functional Planner and My Favorite!

I absolutely love this undated planner. I like undated so I can start it any time of year. The minimal/professional design is perfect for carrying this planner with me to and from work. The beginning of the planner has so many extra goal and intention-setting spreads. I wasn't sure how I was going to like the grid throughout the whole planner, but I actually really love it, it's light enough that it is not distracting at all. Thank you thank you for someone making another hourly weekly planner!! Would you ever consider creating an hourly weekly as well as daily planner all in one? Because I cannot get enough of this planner! Like I said this planner has it all and I already bought a few more undated planners to have on hand or for gifts! Thank you!!

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your lovely review and thanks SO much for including photos. I looove seeing them, they totally made my day! Glad you like the grid too, I find it keeps my writing neater and it's useful for creating personal sections, hehe. I'd love to make an hourly weekly and daily planner all in one! I've actually been mulling over how this would work. It's a little tricky fitting it all in, but I'll play with some designs. Who knows, maybe I'll find something! If I do, I'll throw it up in the free downloads section and see what people think!

Thanks SO much again for supporting locally-made and my small business. You're awesome. Happy planning!

- Tia

Organized & love it

I love the lay out of this planner, makes it simple and easy to organize my week

Best Planner! No others like it

First of all, the packaging it came in was absolutely beautiful.

The planner itself is amazing! From the moment that you open it, you can feel and see the quality of the cover and paper. The paper is thick enough that it doesn't bleed through. I love the concept of the planner as well. The self-reflections at the beginning of the planner and each month really force you to take time to think about your values, goals, how to reach them etc. This is not something I've done often (if ever) and I absolutely love it. It's helped in re-evaluating how and what I prioritize as well.
I've had the dated and the undated planner - I personally prefer the undated one. It makes it easier for those times were you fall off the train. It doesn't make you feel guilty and feels like you're picking up right where you left off. I absolutely love it. It's simple, minimalist yet so beautiful. Highly recommended!

My dream planner 😍

I am so happy with my undated planner from Hemlock and Oak. I've done a lot of research looking for a planner that would be as effective as it was beautiful. I love the simple layout and really appreciate having spots to plan the year, month, and week. And it comes from BC! It can't get any better than this.

Absolutely gorgeous planner! It’s perfect in its minimalism and design. It’s so pretty I’m almost afraid to use it.

The best planner I’ve ever bought

I am a planner fanatic. I buy new planners quarterly because I just can’t help myself. I’d just bought a new one when I discovered Hemlock and Oak, and I bought two anyway. I love the reflection questions, the heavy smooth paper, the light grid on the calendars with lots of flexibility, the vertical weekly layout with half hours marked. There’s tons of room to customize with my personal colour code and stickers (but the design is restrained enough I don’t go overboard). The fonts are fantastic. The weight is nice. The room for lists and tracking on the weekly and monthly spreads is great. My only tweak requests: I’d prefer a cover that is neutral, not branded (a leaf would be fine), and I’d prefer the months to be interspersed between the weeks instead of in their own section. But overall, I guess I’m quitting my hobby of buying new planners constantly, because this is IT. And it’s Canadian! Magnifique.

Such cute stickers!!

Amazing little stickers. They fit in the planner beautifully! I can't wait for more to come out, I am hoping for some bright colours!

Undated Signature Planner
Gabrielle Guizzo
Best Planner on the Market!

This planner is not only has the perfect layout, but it is uses best quality materials. I will never need to look to another company for a planner again!

Best planner ever!!

This planner is so beautiful! I love the simplicity of the design as well as it's functional use. I loveee that it's undated so that you can start it whenever you're ready!