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Task Stickies
Natalie G.
Game-changer for my planning routine

The task stickies helped me prioritize and rearrange my tasks a lot! They are practical and help me organize my day more efficiently (and the size is perfect for jotting down notes)! Absolutely recommend!

Monthly Tabs
Excellent daily planner

I purchased the undated daily planner and love it. I have been looking for one for a long time and until now hadn’t found one I would actually use daily. Great size, paper quality, and style. I actually use it for a daily planner. Only problem I bought a little color and have alittle stain on it. I will purchase darker color next time.

The quality is beautiful… but why would you put all the months together at the start, separate from the weekly layouts? Very frustrating. Probably going to try a return.

Love the journals

Bought three dot journals and I just love them. Thank you - can’t wait for my 2024 weekly planner to get here.

Undated Weekly Planner

The Hemlock & Oak planner is well-constructed with high quality materials. I love the solid feel of the covers, the smooth paper, and the lay-flat design. I've been using Staedtler Triplus Fineliners and haven't seen any bleed-through.

Great planner, colour disappointing

The insides of this planner are exactly as pictured. The quality of print and paper are exceptional.
My disappointment is with the colour— I know all computers show colour differently so I rely on colour description. I got the Aster which was described as “Aster is a very light blush with co-ordinating rose ribbons.” When I received it I would call it beige with a pink undertone. Having said that, it must be very hard to describe the colours so everyone is happy, and it’s the insides that are most important, right?!

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Love my planner!

I ordered the Undated weekly planner and have been using it since July, It is the perfect combination of a planner and a bullet journal and I totally love it! I will definitely be ordering one for next year when this one ends!

Just right for setting up the day

It’s a great size, easy layout and the note pad style makes is user friendly to just jot and get to it. It still holds the same high quality as the planner and is a great sidekick to the weekly planner, especially on busy weekends.

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Undated Planners and Undated Wellness stickers

Absolutely love my planner! Top quality of paper and I love the light frames and grid! This allows for more creativity in pages without having to use ‘white out’. The concise approach to goals is much less overwhelming than other planners and I am able to get started in the execution right away!

I love this planner!

The undated daily planner! Where have you been all my life? I transitioned from the weekly layout mainly because my planning needs changed. I am mostly a monday-friday planner so I love that I don't have dedicated weekend pages. Aside from the functionality, it's beautiful, sofisticated, and well-made.
I don't have much use for the personal values pages. For me, I could use more note pages or additional daily pages. With a little creativity, I am repurposing the personal values pages for project management. Either way, this is still a 5-star planner.

Simple and just right

I have tried SO many planners over the years, and after much consideration decided to pick this one up. The quality is amazing, and the layout is just what I need. I have so much good to say about it.

Definitely recommend

Amazing planner... like one that I actually use

I bought this planner with the hope that I would use it. And I got the undated one just incase I didn't... and we'll let me tell you FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! I am actually keeping a planner... and I couldn't be happier!

Instagram: KD
These rock!

I am very much enjoying my undated planner. I am new to the planning part and this allows me not to feel bad for missing a day. But it allows me to track a list even if I didn’t get my day planned and encourage me to plan. I also love the paper and book. I feel so fancy and the exercises at the start of the book to think about really helped out some of my strengths and weaknesses in perspective

Task Stickies
Heather A.
Instagram: @mygirlfriendsclosetoakville

Love, love, love my planner! It comes everywhere with me! Well done!


I love it!! The layout is perfect, quality is awesome! I’ve been searching for my perfect planner for years and finally found it :) will definitely continue to purchase!!!

Loving my Hemlock and Oak!

I purchased an undated daily planner and am loving it. I am using it for taking daily notes and love how it’s turning out so I have already preordered my 2024 and can’t wait to start using that when the time comes. The paper is thick and a great quality. I purchased some Pentel Infree pens so I could do a different color every two days and they write like butter on the paper. I also use Dot markers so I know I’m starting another point and they work perfect on it also. I’m so happy with my purchase!

Task Stickies
Catherine L.

I really love their size, easy to reposition, perfect to lay on another page

Lovely Home School Planner

I was thrilled to find such a lovely and well put together planner, that has the flexibility to be used for what I need. It is often hard to find a home school planner, and the open and creativity inspiring design of the Hemlock and Oak is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Monthly Tabs
Crystal W.

I love the monthly tabs, but I'm not that bright and put them on wrong LOL, now I know better for next time! Can't wait to get more! :)

Exactly what I needed!

I have used every planner out there, from custom made to standard to digital. I currently have a digital planner that I also love, and H&O undated daily is a perfect compliment to it! The paper is amazing, and has that amazing new paper smell every time you open it. It's very well made and sturdy! I love that I can skip a day if I don't have much happening, and when there's tons happening I have plenty of space to put it all. The prompts at the beginning are amazing and have helped me map out my mental health care, which I have been slowly working on diligently for the past few years. I cannot praise this planner enough. It's exactly what you need, and nothing that you don't. Will be a regular customer for life! :)

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High quality and more!

I was hesitant to try this one, but I finally gave in. And H&O did not disappoint. The quality of paper is superior to other planners I have tried before. Another bonus, the company is promoting sustainability which I highly advocate myself. The layout is not overwhelming. The lines are almost invisible so it is perfect for creativity. I will for sure purchase my planner here going forward!

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Undated Daily Planner

I absolutely love this planner!!!! I ordered another one for the upcoming next 6 months. I already have ideas on what content I will put in that planner. If I could give a 10 rating I would. Please keep up the wonderful work you are doing as I know I will be a loyal customer!

Love my agenda

The is my second weekly planner, it helps me run my business and stay organized,
Nothing else compares :)


While I love the planner, the charm didn’t match the quality and seemed over priced

Oh no, I'm so sorry about this! We place them by hand and it can take some time, which is why we are charging for them right now.

However, we would be happy to help you feel better about this; please pop our small team an email at

Thanks so much for supporting our small business and Canadian-made! Let's get you feeling better about this.

- Tia

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Undated Weekly Planner review

As a visual artist and someone with post-concussion syndrome, having a paper planner has been a game-changer for me. It helps me stay focused by offering a tangible way to plan and jot down important things without having to rely on my digital device all the time. The weekly layouts are always jam-packed with my to-do's. In fact, this planner is so important to me that it stays open on my kitchen counter at all times. I even bought a second planner to manage the business side of my art practice.

It's true that more affordable options are available elsewhere but I can confidently say that I'll keep purchasing Hemlock & Oak planners because they're fantastic and provide great value for the price!