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Love my new planner!

Love my new planner! Beautiful, complete and amazing quality! The customer service is also incredible. Thanks!

Love this planner

This is my second year purchasing the undated planner! It's beautiful, super functional, suites all my needs and I get lots of people asking about it!

Task Stickies (imperfect)

2023 Weekly (A5)
Tian H.C.

2023 Weekly (A5)

perfect stickies

cute little sticky task pad and not imperfect in my eyes. the only thing that made them imperfect was that my puppy immediately chewed on them and now they have tiny teeth imprints! still perfect though!

2023 Weekly (A5)
Isabelle D.
Instagram: Missdesirables
Amazing tool and client service.

LOVE the crafstmanship, it’s delicate, well thought and from an industrial designer point of view, stunning. Had a minor issue but everything was taken care of pretty well by the team. thanks !

Beautiful Planner

Beautiful, good quality , gorgeous thick paper/
Very happy with it ♥️

2023 Weekly (A5)
Shauna M.
Beautiful Planner

The design, cover, paper are all so beautiful. The layout includes just enough structure to keep it organized while giving lots of space for flexibility in using it however i need that week.

Excellent Journal

I love the thoughtful prompts and reflection pages, the variety of brainstorming pages and the undated weeks.

2023 Weekly (A5)
Linda f.P.
My most beautiful and functional journal to date❤️

I love the simplicity of this Minimalist Journal! It is beautiful to see and touch with its linen cover and recycled ribbons. Plus it has a lovely set up with just enough room for the important details of the day and week.
I purchased the square bullets, Washi tape and tabs to use with my planner. The tabs even came with a tab cheat sheet in order to place them properly on the journal! They all add to my daily planning adventures.
It is so very wonderful to support an eco-conscious Canadian company!
I truly love this planner! ☺️

2023 Weekly (A5)
Francesca S.
Instagram: @francesca_ash
LOVE it!

I purchased this agenda mainly because Hemlock & Oak is a small Canadian company run by women! As someone who also works for a small family owned company in Canada I know the importance of supporting one another. Not only is the agenda gorgeous but the packaging it arrived in was perfect. The quality is superb - paper quality, layout etc. Cannot recommend enough!!

Instagram: @marble.jaguar
Best Notebook on the market

Incredible quality. Super impressive that they can make something like this in Canada from sustainable sources. It is far nicer than any I've owned in the past including Luechtturm. I would buy it again and again and plan to get some as gifts. Pages are so nice and smooth and nothing bleeds through. Outstanding product!

Monthly Tabs
Monthly tabs

They are quick, easy & tidy. Glad I purchased them!

Fantastic quality, would love more flexibility in layout

Hemlock and Oak quality is TRULY the highest quality planner I have ever seen!!! The paper, binding, ribbons, EVERYTHING is beautiful and feels luxurious!! Worth the price!! In terms of future expansion, I would love to see H&O offer more variety in their layouts. A H&O planner with more space for tasks (horizontal layout or horizontal layout with a smaller vertical bar on the side with time divisions) would be my DREAM planner!! Holding out hope for next year :) And very happy with my purchase!

Amazing Product!!

Amazing planner by a local Canadian business, absolutely love it!

2023 Weekly Planner

This Hemlock & Oak Weekly Planner is absolutely beautiful. The weekly spreads are nicely laid out with space for additional notes. The extra pages at the end of each month are very helpful for taking stock of yearly and monthly goals. Excellent product!

2023 Weekly Planner

Instagram: @fame.jenna
Great Planner!

I love this planner! I think this is the perfect size and has all the right things in it as well. Especially love supporting a women owned small business in Canada <3 I will be a customer in the future and telling everyone about it :)

Great Tabs, Hard to Place

I really like how sturdy these tabs are. They seem like they'll hold up for the full year. However, since they don't have any perforation or guides, it's hard to get them on straight. And once they're on, that's it - no adjusting. I also found it hard to figure out where on the planner to stick them, though, that's more the planner's flaw. There are also a few tabs that I will never use, which seems like a waste. Finally, I saw something in previous reviews about a ruler but I didn't receive anything like that.

2023 Weekly (A5)
Aluthra E.
Pretty spiffy

Really enjoying so far. Very good quality.

2023 Weekly (A5)
Amanda B.
Love it!

I couldn't love it more. I've been making my own planner pages for years (which was a huge hassle), and it's so nice to find one that actually does everything I need it to! Not to mention the finishing is beautiful; It's an extremely well-made product and I've already told everyone I know that they need to get one of these.

I'm a Planner Girly Now

I've always loved the idea of having a planner and using it to organize my thoughts and days, but have never been happy with the options I've tried, until this one! I absolutely love this weekly planner. It is beautifully simple, but still has enough prompts and outlines to keep me engaged. I find some can be overwhelming with quotes and blank spaces to be filled, but this one has the perfect amount. The packaging it shipped in was all recyclable, and looked so nice and professional. Love what you are doing as a company and will definitely buy again.

Monthly Tabs
Zaida F.
Monthly tabs

I want to love these but feel that they are a little flimsy. I wish they were sturdier. I like that they can easily be repositioned.

Graph Notebook
Allison O.
Instagram: Allison
Great journals!

I love these journals! Love the style and feel of the cover and the paper is thick which makes it great for bullet journaling! I bought my second H + O for planning my 2033 year, and I bought 2 more for my family as gifts!

2023 Weekly (A5)
Natasha G.

I’m in love with this agenda. After so many years of buying different agendas I’ve finally found the perfect one! I love every detail. Having extra pages for the yearly and monthly reflection are great features.