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Amazing Planner

I love my planner, the layout is simple which is great for adding your own designs, stickers and artwork to make it your own. I also love the monthly planning and reflection pages to help keep me on track.

My Favourite Planner

This will be my third year using this planner, and I love it. I use it for daily journaling and monthly reflections. I previously had a hard time finding something that stuck, but the set-up of these planners is perfect and makes me look forward to writing in them. It is clear how much care goes into designing this product. Highly recommend!

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Most AMAZING planner!

2024 will be my second year with the Hemlock and Oak planner! I absolutely love the size, quality, grid layout and excellent quotations. I am so well organized with my 2023 planner and am excited for the 2024 version for the new year :)

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Beautiful Product That Finally Got Me into the Planning Habit

This planner is absolutely perfect - from paper quality to binding and details. Gorgeous and a pleasure to open and use daily. I've been looking for a perfect planner for years, and every time failed to keep up the habit for more than few weeks. After using this H&O planner for 6 months I can finally say I've developed a habit of mapping out my week on a regular basis. What really helped is the format of this book, where I can see my week at a glance in a two page spread, with well-thought out areas for notes, tasks and intentions. It's very clear that a lot of thoughts, care, {and user testing!} went into designing this planner because I actually - for the first time ever - look forward to weekly planning on paper. Couldn't be happier with this purchase and will be getting one for next year! Thank you, Anna

Ribbon Charm

Monthly Tabs
Susan W.
Dated planner

This is so beautifully made and I can't wait to start using it! I've got lots of plans for my content in this planner!

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My Favorite Planner

I love this planner. The product itself is so high quality. Writing on the pages is such a treat. I love all of the spots where I can write items and the prompted spots are very helpful for planning and reflecting. 2024 will be my second year using an H&O planner and I don't see that changing anytime in the future.

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Great Planner!

I switched over 2 years ago from Passion Planner, which I used for 6 years. I wanted something shipped within Canada because of the excessive dues. I found H&O which was even better because the planners are made here too. Fantastic product and hit all of the targets for me. Looking forward to year 2.

Love your planners

Great quality and it seems to get better each year.
Canadian-made, Women-owned. Love that.
Keep doing what you’re doing!

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My New Favourite Notebook!

This is the best quality notebook I have gotten yet. The pages are thick, perfect if you’re using fountain pens or adding artwork. I love the colour and everything about this notebook. If I hadn’t just bought bujo’s somewhere else I would be getting them from H&O as well. I am in love with these notebooks and will be a forever customer!

Love these. Bought two. One for work and one for personal to review goals in the year. Great addition to my planner in classic size as an insert❤️❤️❤️

Excellent quality and love the colours.

These are my absolutely fave from my order. They are adorable and perfectly designed for added notes that can stick on page or tuck away. The perfect addition to a planner!!❤️❤️❤️

Adorable size and they fit perfectly inside my planner for extra notes.

Let your imagination run wild

I love using these notepads. I use my midliner markers and pens to down my lists. I get a lot done.

2024 Daily Planner
Patricia M.

2024 Daily Planner

I’ve always loved planners, but never felt like I could actually use them consistently.
This undated and graph layout, has been perfect to let me use the space each day however I want. Miss a day? No problem.
It is truly a blank slate that I get to use as straight forward or creatively as I’m wanting for each day.
And I commend the creators on how they incorporate goals in the beginning. It really has you thinking about your goals and how it’s tied to your core beliefs and how to actually accomplish them by incorporating daily activities tied to that goal.

These are perfect to keep my stencils or small rulers on hand when bullet journaling.

I love the quality of this planner and I’m looking forward to using it as a journal for 2024.

Monthly Tabs

These tabs are the perfect size for this planner. I love the tab ruler that comes with it.

Ribbon Charm
Dina U.
Love H&O

This is my second H&O planner. Last year I used the Daily Linen Cover one and I loved it but it was too much space to fill. This year I decided on the Weekly Vegan Leather Cover and am excited to dive into it this coming year. I LOVE the design of this one with the goals and values and monthly reviews.

2023 Daily Planner

I’ve been using Hemlock & Oak for a while now. After using the planner for almost a year I still love it however the wear and tear does show in the outside material even tho I’m trying my best to not damage it.. and I’m the type of person who takes care of her stuff really well. We’re talking about a year so it’s understandable however it is still a little disappointing. I would love to have the self reflection pages in this daily planner I know it’s already so thick but adding those few extra pages really wouldn’t count. Love this product 😊

More beautiful than I expected

I received my daily planner and it is more beautiful than I expected. The quality of the planner is top notch. Love the thoughtful details.

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Beautifully crafted once again!

This is my second year purchasing a planner from Hemlock & Oak, and I’m still so grateful I found them! It has everything I would hope for and more in a planner, without it feeling too big and clunky. Its beauty, thoughtfulness, and minimalist design help to make planning something I’ve deeply enjoyed this year. The reflections and prompts are incredible, too. I look forward to another year with this planner, and love that I get to support a small business (that’s local for me, too!).


The 2024 will be my 3rd Hemlock planner. I look the sophisticated look and the goal setting and monthly introspective. Also really love that they are a local company.