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I’m totally impressed with the packaging and the paper is fantastic. There are no words to describe my purchase but beautiful and the binding was perfect. This is perfect as a student planner taking a full load of classes either online or in person. Compact enough, understated and professional at the same time.

Great replacement to my bullet journal

I’ve been an enthusiastic bullet journal user for the last 5 years, but had been looking for a dated planner to switch it up. I’m very, very picky about layout and content, and I’m so so happy with this Hemlock & Oak planner. It has room for goals, reflection, and other relevant lists that I really appreciate, plus the yearly, monthly and weekly layouts are exactly like I had been drawing for myself in my bujo. So pleased.

Leftover Undated Signature Planner

2022 Signature Planner
Léa De Santis
Great planner!

Love this planner, it’s a great way to not just plan your time but also be intentional with your planning and reflect on the month/year!

Peony Undated Signature Planner

I love my new planner! It is so pretty and I love how customizable it is and how I can plan out my values, goals, self care etc...


Cannot love this planner enough! I’ve always been a vertical planner and have been using other brands which had things I liked, things I didn’t… H&O has brought together those things I liked into ONE PLANNER! The paper is 👌🏻 to write on with any pen (loving the fountain pen experience) and the planner quality is excellent. It was also shipped so fast! Highly recommend!

2022 Signature Planner
Pleased Mother
Loving my new Panner

I received this planner as a gift from our daughter and just love everything thing in it. I have read through and completed the exercises and now write in it daily. It is really keeping my on track with my goals for 2022.

you finally get what you pay for (in a good way)

the book cover and every single page it contains are 100% consistently GOOD quality. the layout has variety all in one book, not all of them are for the same “thing” either which is nice. it’s versatile and not bulky and it comes with label dividers! i love it!!

2022 Signature Planner
Caroline Overacker
Great Planner!!

I absolutely love this planner. The grid design is so helpful for me. There are so many planners and trackers to help me stay on top of my goals for the year!! Loved it

2022 Signature Planner
Samuel Blanchard

Great planner. Great quality. :)

2022 Signature Planner
Stephanie Koo
I have finally found it!

I have finally found the planner of my dreams! I hope to never have to search again! It's such a beautiful design, hand crafted, and recyclable! I get to support a person's dream as I also get to benefit from this product. Absolutely happy!

2022 Signature Planner

2022 Signature Planner
Doreen Vanderhart

2022 Signature Planner

Beautiful and Functional

I cannot say enough good things about this planner - the packaging, the layout, the cover - it's so lovely and amazingly functional. The minimalist design with the grid layout makes the pages so easily customizable and easy to decorate with doodles and stickers.
At first, I really was not sure if I would use the goal-setting pages, but I did, and honestly, I think this is the longest I have stuck to my goals/habits. I would personally prefer fewer of the goal-setting pages and more note pages, but otherwise it's perfect. I will absolutely be purchasing this planner again next year.

Nearly perfect

I bought two other planners this year that went into recycling. I have been bullet journaling for years but starting a new business I wanted a planner to store it all including projects. I needed to change parts of this to fit my needs but the light ink made that easy. I love the grid. I hate dots grid but just LOVE the grid here. I track writing stats so easy here!!! I use the back pages for projects. I use the values pages for my Clifton strengths material which no other planners gave me space for. Please increase the ink color on the 30 day habits and please change to 31 days. Please change ideal day to ideal week. Please never stop making Saturday and Sunday equally important. I work Saturday and I plan for fun on Sunday. I need the space you provided. Please keep the grid in the monthly and the other pages. Don't reduce planning pages each month or in the back. If you add anything add quarterly goals and review. I adapted to suit me so you only need to increase the ink for the 30 day habits to make this more perfect. Senta

2022 Signature Planner
Ekaterina Bovykina

2022 Signature Planner

A Perfect Planner!

I am absolutely delighted with my peony 2022 Signature Planner! The quality of the product is outstanding and the content works well for me as a writer. At last, I've found a planner with plenty of extra pages to make notes! Beautiful and practical… it's perfect for my needs.

2022 Signature Planner
caileigh sanderson
Stunning Planner

Already counting down to when I can get my 2023 planner. Everything is laid out so beautifully, with really beautiful prompts. STUNNING

Absolutely love! Can't recommend enough.

This planner is everything I want out of a planner, and then some. I previously loved the passion planner, with its goal implementation and fun branding, but this planner is better branded, more beautiful, and more functional. I think its weekly layout, with long columns and space at the bottom, will work for me regardless of whether I want to record memories or do a full time semester at school, without being superfluous or limiting. Thank you Hemlock and Oak - I'm hooked!

Love everything about this planner

I love the layout and practicality of this planner, love the sustainability, love that I'm supporting made in Canada. The only thing I don't love is that I ordered in December and my favorite color was sold out!! So I will get ordering earlier this year. Thank you for a great product. Keep up the good work.

Beautiful & Quality Planner

I love my planner so far! It is sturdy, the pages are smooth and also thick. It holds ink very well and the layout of the planner is well structured.

Hey Ye Ji Jun! I just want to say thanks for taking the time for reviewing the planner I made, I really appreciate it. Happy New Year, and thanks for supporting my small business and Canadian-made!

2022 Signature Planner
Sylvia Harris
Dated Planner

Great planner. I’m loving my planner so far. It aligns nicely with Maske Companion notebooks, reflections, and monitoring my goals. I also adore the brightness and weight of the paper.

I do wish there was an option for a Sunday start, and hours in the weekly overview began at 5 am instead of 6.

Hey Sylvia, thanks SO much for your feedback. I really apprciate it! I'm definitely looking into a Sunday start, it's mostly a financial thing at this point. 5 AM would be great, I agree. I think it depends on how much room we want on the bottom. I do a survey each year, so if you're on the mailing list, you'll have the opportunity to share this feedback and have a say in how I design the 2023 planners. Thanks again. Happy New Year!

2022 Signature Planner
Kathleen Houlahan Chayer
Mindful Prompts

I'm really enjoying my Signature Planner. I appreciate the prompts that help me prioritize self-care, wellness, and living according to my values. I also am excited to use the tools provided in the planner to help me make new habits, and track goals like how often I'm reading and getting outside.

2022 Signature Planner
Margaret Brown-Bury
Gorgeous and Useful

I love the grid background and the overall feel of the book. The paper quality is lovely and I am really enjoying sitting down every evening to review and plan.

2022 Signature Planner
Sara Presutti
Best planner I’ve ever used!

The quality is amazing. The thickness of the pages, the layout & the prompts are perfectly designed!