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There are no word to say but WOW!

I just got my 2023 daily in onyx and I love it. It so big and thick. Thank you to hemlock team and merry Xmas and happy planning.

I will never purchase another planner!

I have always been a paper/physical planner kind of girl. I used my first H&O weekly planner in 2022 and just received my 2023 weekly in the mail. It is truly the most well-thought-out, comprehensive, and beautiful planner I have ever owned and I will continue to repurchase every year.

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Love. Love. Love.

I’m a planner junkie and this planner is all that I love and need in a planner. Well thought out design and beautiful quality. Great for keeping my social media posts on schedule. I bought two more!

Beautiful and well-crafted planner

I am a “planner geek” and my 2023 planner pushes all the buttons. First of all, it is beautiful and well/finely crafted. There is loads of space for each day’s activities/appointments/goals and musings. And monthly calendar pages too. It is clearly high quality and well thought out. I can’t wait to start using it.

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Planner :)

I first the saw the planners on Instragram and instantly fell in love. I ordered one daily and one weekly planner and they do not disappoint. I love the quality of the product and just how pretty it is :) happy planning!

Undated Weekly Planner

Best Planner Ever

I have always bought planners… but this planner, by far, is the BEST planner ever! It fits all my needs! I’m glad I stumbled upon their insta page and found them! Best purchase ever and will continue to buy them every year!!!

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Beautiful Planner

I ordered the undated weekly near the end of 2022 to test it out before committing to a dated 2023 weekly. I love this planner! It is so easy to customize and stickers I bought for larger and smaller sized planners in the past work great in this one as well. I cannot wait to get my hands on my dated 2023 Weekly. So happy I discovered Hemlock and Oak.

Love the Priority Flow

This is one of my favourite organization and planning tools. It immediately sets my mind at ease and allows me to focus on the task at hand rather than get overwhelmed.

Best Planner on Earth

I used your weekly planner last year but have opted for the daily planner this year to attempt to get everything into one “book”. It’s the perfect size, the paper is what makes it a real winner. Then you combine a linen cover….wow. I’m so excited to use it.

My First H&O Planner

I have wanted a Hemlock & Oak planner for so long now. When I discovered H&O planners only undated planners were available. My mind doesn't agree with undated weekly planner (which is what I was looking for), so I waited until I could preorder a 2023 dated weekly planner. I am in love! I love thick paper and lots of space. The planner is beautiful and so well crafted. This book is my soulmate in a planner. Needless to say, I will continue to purchase these for planning and memory keeping.

Undated Weekly Planner

Planner Love

I instantly fell in love with my new Hemlock and Oak weekly planner and carry it with me virtually everywhere now. I ordered a 2023 daily planner and wanted something to hold me over until it arrived. Now I’m quite sure I’ll be using both the daily and weekly versions because I love them both. Beautiful and thoughtful design, just the right size, looks sophisticated and fits in my purse. I’m a Hemlock and Oak customer for life now.

Would be good to have a explination sheet, I to use it effectively

Eco Pen
Michelle R.
Nice weight and ink flow, but discolours easily

I really like the weight of this pen and the ink flow but the brass oxidizes and discolours quickly.

Great quality

Great quality and great layout - exactly what I have been looking for.

Marcia C.

The website, the packaging, the product are all thoughtfully designed and beautiful. I bought this as a gift but might have to treat myself too.

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I love it!

The undated layout and the subtle grid are perfect for me to write all my to dos and plans without being cluttered or overwhelming. Itms a beautiful planner

Incredible quality!

A gorgeous, high-quality planner that's well worth the price point! I'm a paper-quality and bookbinding enthusiast with a preference for hardcover journals, so the style and heavier paper weight of this planner is perfect for me! I also really appreciated the transparency of the company in showing a PDF of the interior pages, so I can actually tell what I'm getting! It feels so thoughtful, like replicating the experience of getting to flip through a journal in the store before buying it. I love the grid paper and the simple design of the pages, useful, functional, and easy to modify to one's own tastes and needs. I'm not sure yet what specific planner system will work for me, as I have a lot of trouble with keeping up with organization, but I know that if I want to try out a different format such as the daily planner or bullet journal, I will likely turn to H&O!

Love my planner

I’ve never had an undated planner before but I love it !
Also the fact that the company is female owned, local and sustainable is the icing on the cake.

Beautiful, freeing planner

I have been looking for a planner to suit my needs, but gives me more freedom since I recently lost enjoyment from designing and decorating my own bullet journal. The undated pages gives me the freedom to skip weeks (or months), but still provides structure when I need it. Some of the extra pages I don't use (yet) because I'm not used to generating or writing down goals or journaling about certain things, but it's given me food for thought.

I like the organization of the planner itself, with the monthly calendars grouped away from the weekly spreads - it puts less pressure on using the planner consistently or when it's not need and you have nothing planned or no need for it. Another plus is that you can start it whenever! I mulled over the purchase for months (and tried the free PDF versions of all the planners) before making a final decision and was able to start my new planner in October, which felt very odd but

The paper quality is fantastic overall. I've been using a variety of gel pens and markers and there is no bleed through or smearing. My pen glides across the page and dries quickly, which I find very pleasing. To top it off, the available colours of the journals are so lovely!

Although this planner cost more than than what I've spent previously on Leuchtturm journals for the past few years, it was well worth the investment and I'm very pleased with it so far! I look forward to laying out my week ahead on Sunday evenings and taking the time to decorate the pages without the time consumption of having to think of a layout and measuring out everything carefully as with my previous planners. All in all, I would certainly recommend the undated planner for anyone looking to make a switch from handmade planners to one with a consistent and easy structure!

Undated Weekly Planner

I love this product

While I love the weekly planner, this notepad keeps me on track through the day & leaves me a space to make myself follow up notes. The paper is wonderful, it doesn't smudge with gel pen, even for a lefty! I want more sheets... sometimes I even go through two in a day!

Nothing imperfect about this

Love Hemlock and Oak. My first planner was the weekly planner in 2020, and I fell in love. Unfortunately 2021& most of 2022 became a non-planner year, but when I felt the need to get my life organized again, I decided to check out Hemlock and Oak again, and invested in the Daily Planner. LOVE how much space you get, so you have room for doodling, notes, etc. I purchased the "imperfect" planners, but literally nothing imperfect about them.

Don't just sit on the fence, buy one for yourself!

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Hands down my favorite planner!

Great quality! Beautiful design! And I love that I can use it as a journal as well. Absolutely my favorite planner!