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Beautiful notebooks!

I haven’t used them yet (purchased for next year’s use), but I am impressed so far! The books are beautifully constructed, and the paper is smooth and inviting. I appreciate the small details (embossing on the cover, bookmarks, and numbered pages), and I truly appreciate their focus on sustainability. I’ve used other well-known brands in the past that offer some of these features, but these H & O notebooks seem like the perfect combination of everything I look for in a dot journal. As a Canadian, I am so happy to have found a Canadian company to supply my notebooks (rather than the American / German companies I have used in the past). Thanks for these beautiful notebooks!

2023 Minimalist Planner

Life saver!

My brain gets so full of complicated to-do's that get all wound up in my mind. The priority flow chart REALLY helps with organizing my thoughts and my life, and reduces my anxiety levels!! Plus, it's just so BEAUTIFUL and I love the paper quality. Will purchase again and again.


Honestly it’s a nice planner but I’ve emailed customer service twice and received no response. What I do keep getting is emails to rate the products, which I’ve 3 or 4 of.

Brass Pen
Manal A.
Brass Pen

I love the brass pen and am very pleased with the customer service at Hemlock and Oak!

Perfect planner

Love everything from the quality of paper to the layouts. I plan on getting another one next year.

Instagram: Britt c
It could be better

I was excited to receive this planner . Some pages aren’t cut uniformed . It would be great if it comes in soft bound in the future

Priority Flow Pad

It’s a wonderful idea to put your thoughts on such an organizational pad. It helps to minimize your work by making it possible to prioritize your day in such a way that everything has its place and you can complete your work with ease.

Instagram: @cool_pie_design
Very nice planner

I got tired of using my phone for day planning and decided to go analog. I'm an elder millennial and day planners were EVERYTHING when I was in University so I naturally love this planner. :) It's very well made and a lovely design. I really like the goal setting and monthly intentions. It combines reflective journalling with scheduling, and it feels holistic and a good framework for being intentional with how you spend your week. I block in both work and life and self-care time. My only feedback is that some of the lines/spaces are small and i have to force myself to write smaller than normal. Overall, lovely planner.

My favorite planner!

I love the layout! So simple to use! My favorite part is how uncomplicated it is without all the goal settings and such.

The best agenda ever

Le plus beau et le plus complet que je n’ai jamais acheté (et j’en ai acheté!).

2023 Minimalist Planner

Monthly Tabs
Erin R.
Love the tabs!

I ordered these not sure of whether I would use them or not. I didn't want to change the look of the beautiful agenda with tabs sticking out the side, but I do love tabs so I figured I would look them over and decide. They tuck beautifully into the pages so that they can be used effectively without changing the aesthetic. Will definitely order these with another purchase!

Monthly Tabs
Shelley W.
Nice accessory to coordinate with planner

I ordered the monthly tabs to help me find the monthly calendar easily. The tab placement template was helpful to line up the tabs evenly on the pages. They stick well and do what they were intended to do.

Undated Weekly Planner
Steph G.
Instagram: @SKHomes_Design
I'm in loooove! 😍

This is the perfect planner! I look forward to Sunday nights where I fill it out for the week. There's a calendar view, monthly overview and recap and then a weekly section all which has a ribbon so you can mark it and it's easy to go to. The monthly overview is great and has a 30 day tracker part which is fun and I've used more than I thought I would! I love how the week parts aren't mixed into the monthly views in case you miss a week (for let's say a vacation where all you plan is to drink Pina coladas all week!) and then there isn't a blank page mixed in. I'm soooo happy with this purchase and I highly recommend! I'll be getting another one for next year that's for sure!!

Undated Weekly Planner
Shelley W.
Perfect Planner Search is Over

Every year, I buy one or two planners, where one planner falls short, the other fills in the gaps. My search for the perfect planner is over. It is part planner, memory keeper and journal. The paper quality is heavy and the cover colours feel nice and are gorgeous. I have the undated weekly planner and I have since ordered the undated daily planner. The aesthetic is simple, minimal and classy. It lays flat and is organized in the way that I like. It is a vertical planner with early times which align with my early days. I can't say enough good about this planner. All of this in addition to it being Canadian made and fully recyclable. Although I'm not sure who would want to throw this out, it's a keeper!

Undated Weekly Planner
Jennifer K.
The sweet spot of form & function

The undated weekly planner was the perfect choice for me. I love the minimalist look. It’s beautifully made and arrived quicker than I expected. It has just enough structure to the layout that I don’t feel overwhelmed, but it is still flexible enough for me to personalize it. Having three ribbons is helpful and they are just the right length. I really love this planner and will definitely buy another. Oh, and the lavender cover is just perfection!

Undated Weekly Planner
Genevieve T.
Amazing planner!

Right when you open the box you can feel the quality and the attention put into this amazing planner!

The satisfying texture and rich colour of the cover material, the thoughtful first pages and clever recap at the end are all great features of this notebook.

Currently using my daily planner also from H&O and I can't wait to try this weekly layout in the future!

Instagram: Erin

All of H & O books and planners and so forth are exquisite. The priority flow planner is so nice, I haven't yet used it. I just pick it up and look at it from time to time, admiring the weight and texture of the paper. I will use it, though, I promise. When it's full I can buy another, after all.

Awesome planner!

I absolutely love this planner. It has everything I need for planning out my workdays. Just enough space for everything.


This perfect planner kept me organised, motivated and on top of things when life didn't go to plan.

I look forward to continuing to use Hemlock & Oak and I'm excited to see what you create next. The tough times were made better with your planners, thank you Tia and Team!

Instagram: Rachcm95
Really enjoying this planner

I love how it’s split into hourly sections with space below for notes/affirmations etc.
the overall high level planning pages are helpful for oversight of goals as well.

Dotted notebook

Using this notebook for journaling and memory keeping. High quality paper and simple yet elegant cover, very happy found the journaling notebook peace. 😊😊😊

Task Stickies
Alicia S.

Task Stickies

Ribbon Charm
Katrina R.

Amazing quality. Like a smaller planner but would definitely order notebooks and accessories