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Made in Canada!

So it's actually pretty hard to find planners that are made in Canada! My friend has the 2021 Signature Planner, so I'm really excited to try out the undated version soon!!

Love these planners.

Loved the 2021 planners a lot and looking forward to the undated one as well for my side business. Looking forward to trying this format with more writing room!

Just really excited!

I know these aren't shipped yet, but I'm just so excited to try this format. Love, love, LOVE the digital PDF. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Monthly Tabs

The sticker quality is great. After a month of use, there is no bending, peeling, or pulling off of the pages, which I am surprised about from a tab. They are very carefully made to fit exactly within the planner’s cover. Very satisfying for a detail oriented person.

Excellent planner

I love this planner! Its so clean and beautiful, and has so much potential for decorating/customizing it according to my tastes. I look forward to using this planner daily, and because of that, I find myself increasingly on top of my commitments.

2021 Signature Planner

2021 Planner - Discounted Stock
Stunning Design...could be a tad bit bigger

When I received my planner I was so excited to dive into it. I do wish I had purchased it a bit earlier then boxing day so I could have had the planner all set up for when the calendar flipped over to 2021. I love all the prompts and layout. I love paper planners but none of the ones I have had before made you think about the things you were doing and if they were aligned with you goals and values. One of my goals this year is to be purposeful in what I'm doing with my time and this planner is definitely going to help. The only thing I would change is having a slightly larger version. I have larger printing so have a hard time squeezing things into the spots. Other then that LOVE IT! The quality is AMAZING! You won't be disappointed in this purchase. Love that they are a Canadian company too!

Found My Planner Peace!

I absolutely love this product! In the past when I've used hourly weekly planners, there wasn't anywhere to also house a daily to do list, and with this layout I can do both! I also very much appreciate the reminders to plan and live according to my values. Now that I have this reminder, I'm definitely spending my free time more mindfully. And not only are the layout and planning prompts perfection, the physical planner itself just can't get better. I have the peony colour and it is beautiful, and the paper quality is second to none, no bleeding whatsoever. And it lays flat! Finally, I love the lined grid layout as opposed to a dot grid. I appreciate the added bit of structure the lined grid provides, and keeps my planning a bit neater/cleaner. Thank you Hemlock & Oak!!!

2021 Planner - Discounted Stock
Cannot recommend enough!

It is so BEAUTIFUL- my heart feels happy anytime I pull it out! the grid style is soo helpful and I love being able to block out my week, but also think and reflect about my goals, values and priorities in the beginning of the year, but also each week! There is also space at the bottom of each day which is SO helpful. I love agendas that have the month calendar at the start of the month too! The agenda feels well made and is a joy to use. Cannot recommend enough. PS- did I mention how many compliments I have gotten on it?! A lot!

Nearly Perfect

Hemlock and Oak's Signature Planner is the best purchase I've made in the last year and the best planner I've ever bought. Not only is it gorgeous and minimal, it's also extremely user friendly. In addition to the hourly appointment columns, there is so much space in the weekly layouts to use as you wish for habit trackers, to-do lists, etc. I've found I'm using mine as 2 parts planner, 1 part bullet journal. My only suggestion would be to add a grid page for notes within each month in addition to at the back of the planner. Love this. Thank you, Hemlock and Oak!


I love it
It is a little bit to new so it isn’t flat
I wish you will do one in French I love the squares and you are the only one I found

2021 Planner - Discounted Stock

Being someone who is incredibly picky and requires an aesthetically pleasing and meticulously thought out planner to account for both my academic (grad school) and personal life, I couldn’t be happier!


Thanks for the “ruler” although it could be a little thinner so that it fits the page where the edge of the sticker should go. For spacing it was great to have.

2021 Planner - Discounted Stock
Absolutely Love!

This planner is unlike any other I've used before. The focus on mindset and goal setting based on your personal values was so helpful to plan my next year, month and week intentionally. I love the grid system for planning and the monthly intention setting pages. I wish I could buy planners for all my people!

I ordered one of the "discounted stock" planners and it is in perfect condition.

Pragmatic and Luxurious

Loving this planner! I love that it’s ethically made, how gorgeous it looks, and how easy it makes organizing my life, brain, dreams, heart, etc.

Just What I've Been Searching For

I am so in love with my planner. I've used planners for nearly 20 years now, everything from super basic and inexpensive to very expensive and high quality. Every single one I've used I can find something wrong with. I tend to purchase 1-3 planners a year and I've finally found one that is EXACTLY what I've been searching for. I love everything about it.

2021 Signature Planner

2021 Signature Planner

Exactly what I was looking for

This is a beautiful planner. The texture feels so nice to hold and the paper is perfectly smooth to write on. The layout with the hours is exactly what I need for work and I couldn’t find something like this anywhere! I am not a huge journalling person but the added spots to remind myself of my weekly goals and values has been truly perfect to help centre myself.


The most special planner I’ve come across. Sturdy, beautiful, made in Canada, small business, and most importantly, easy to use! What more do you need?

I am absolutely blown away by this product and so excited to start using it! Thank you so much ladies! I absolutely recommend this


It is so perfect.... for introspection, planning, goals, etc. Would imagine a bigger size to be able to have more free space but it is very nice anyway !!

Amazing !

This planner has everything I’ve ever wanted in a planner ! It’s the Virgo’s dream planner! I will definitely be recommending all my friends to buy it and plan to pre order 2021! Don’t hesitate to order! IT IS AMAZING!

Love it!!

This planner is so great! I would love to see a coil bound version so that it lays flat but other then that it’s beautiful, works well with my schedule and how I like to see things laid out, and I love the room at the bottom of the weekly layout for meal planning!!


The quality is incredible and the organization of the pages and weeks is top tier. Giving space for not just planning, but reflecting and goal setting is something I haven’t seen in a monthly/weekly planner. Stoked to start planning