13 Community Examples to Inspire Your Planner

13 Community Examples to Inspire Your Planner - Hemlock & Oak

Here's how a few community members use their Hemlock and Oak planner

Looking for more ways to utilize your planner? Here are 13 examples from the Hemlock and Oak community to inspire you with new beautiful, productive, or mindful ways to plan. Thank you to all of these creative people for sharing their work on Instagram because we love seeing it!


Selly uses her Hemlock and Oak planner for tracking her finances. With just a pen and some Tombow Dual Brush pens, she's able to examine her spending and bills in a concise, organized way.

This weekly view is where she tracks her supplemental income, money spent, and weekly totals. She's also able to make day-specific notes like her rent being due on Friday.

This is a creative way to utilize the monthly view pages. She tracks when her bills are due, financial notes, and birds-eye-view events that could affect her finances over the next thirty-one days. The more you utilize your monthly pages, the easier it is to set up your weekly pages.

Finally, here's a look at her "notes" page with detailed color coding. Check out her Instagram to see more ways she uses her Hemlock and Oak to organize her financial details.


Our very own @thestylishwordsmith shared her own layout on the Hemlock and Oak Instagram weekly. She uses Mildliner highlighters to clearly color code and time block her week. When you have a busy schedule like Debbie does, taking the time to lay out this information makes it possible to actually accomplish everything on your calendar and to-do list. Check out our Instagram for more examples of how our team uses our planners.


Miz shared this beautiful, fall-themed monthly overview from October. She used stickers, washi tape, and calligraphy to make this layout her own. Check out her Instagram for more examples of how she uses her planner for creative expression.


Kira also uses washi tape and stickers to customize her weekly layouts to her needs. Using a planner is a great way to block in some self-care and intentionality every week. She strikes the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality with this beautiful layout.


Karyna also uses stickers and washi tape in her own unique way. She also utilizes free space on the left side and the bottom to log her sleep, plan her workouts, and write down her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even chores seem fun when they're accompanied by these creative stickers.


Daniela has such a beautifully color-coded weekly spread complete with a strip of washi tape at the bottom. She has mapped out her workouts, timed events, and tasks with the applicable color for that day. She also utilized the free space on the left to map out her meals for the week. Just a little bit of color can add so much clarity to a week like this.


Lisa consistently shares so many beautiful spreads with our community. We always look forward to seeing what she does with her pages.

This weekly layout is a great example of simple time blocking, tasks, and using pops of color to draw your eye to what's important. She also uses some washi tape and one sticker to dress up the rest.

Here is another simple, lovely week with touches of color, stickers, and washi tape. She utilizes every part of her weekly layout to keep on track with everything she has to accomplish for the week.


Here's another lovely monthly layout example, this one featuring touches of purple. Stephanie often shares beautiful images like this, so check out her account to see more.

Here's a weekly layout from Stephanie as well with neutral-colored stickers and washi tape.

Happy Planning!

I hope these thirteen examples from our community inspired you to use your planner in new ways. These were just a small sampling of hundreds of beautiful posts. Please keep sharing images of your planning no matter how you set up your pages - you never know who you'll inspire.

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