Signature Planner Guide

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The Hemlock & Oak Signature Planner emphasizes your personal values. You will discover, connect, and review values that are meaningful and important to you. This way, you can pursue goals while focusing on the journey and values that are intrinsic to you.

What are values? Personal values are the behaviours and traits that are important to us. When we connect with our values, our stress decreases and contentment increases. This is because we become less work-centric as a result.

In a society where work is often the centerpiece of our identity, it's easy to lose sight of our values. We know that we value things like our health, loved ones, and wellbeing. That's why this planner has integrated your values into the design. You will be able to look after yourself in a mindful and self-compassionate way.


These questions help you reflect and look back on your life so you can discover your values later. The following examples are to only help prompt you and are not an exhaustive list. 1. "What moments made you feel content?" - This can be small memories such as:enjoying your morning coffee before anyone else is up (you value solitude to some degree)going on a trip with friendsseeing someone you love that you don't get to see often2. "What moments in your life made you feel proud?" - Think of moments that you are proud of, even if you didn't feel that way in the moment. Find something that you can acknowledge in the present. Give yourself credit where credit is due!getting a jobdoing your best in a difficult timetaking a risk that paid offtrying your best even when life was chaoticsticking with somethinggetting out of your comfort zone3. "What moments in your life have you felt fulfilled or satisfied?" - This is different from contentment. You are looking for moments that left you with a sense of wholeness or completion. Avoid limiting yourself to achievements. Examples might be:spending time with loved onesmoments of peace or restgoing somewhere with someone or on your ownbeing home or somewhere that you're connected todoing an activity you loveworking on a missionprogressing towards a goalengaging in a hobby

4. "What moments in your life were filled with positive progress or change?" - Life is full of changes. We grow and change for the better, even in difficult situations. Find moments such as:

moving out from somewherecreating boundaries for yourselfletting go of something or someone toxictrying something new that helped you learn somethingdoing habits that are beneficial for your wellbeinga realization that changed your life