Aluminum Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Eco Pen - Aluminium
Aluminum Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Aluminum Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Aluminum Pen - Hemlock & Oak
Eco Pen - Aluminium

Eco Pen - Aluminium

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     Made in Vancouver, BC

    Eco-friendly recycled aluminum

     Feather-light 17g pen

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We were so impressed when we met Brian Howey that we collaborated with him to bring you a sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist aluminum pen. Weighing just 17g, this recycled aluminum is so durable that it's used for aircraft and yachts. With 17 years of metal-working experience, Brian is passionate about small-batch, local production just like us.

Crafted with precision, each pen has a gorgeous smooth finish and uses a twist mechanism to open, close, and refill your pen with any ink that will fit. 

Aluminum is a highly sustainable, eco-friendly material. Want a mind-blowing stat? 75% of all aluminum produced since 1888 is still in use today! It's literally infinitely recyclable. 

Feather-light but tough. We aren't joking: Brian's friend has used his other aluminum pen as a wrench... and confirmed these could do the same job. 

Prefer something heavier so you don't need to press as hard? Check out the brass pen!

‣ 17g with the Pilot G2, giving it a nice weight when writing. 

‣ Machined all-metal pens made from recycled 6061 aluminum alloy (commonly used in aircraft, yachts, and scuba tanks).

‣ 5.35in or a bit under 140mm

‣ Aluminum is light but strong, and has been machined to a gorgeous silver shine. 

‣ A subtle wear can form over time, giving your pen an individual darkened pattern with use. It is easily polished with any metal polish (or vinegar and beeswax!)

This pen fits any refill that's 4.35in (just under 11mm) or longer. Tested refills are currently:

‣ Pilot G2 ink

‣ Pilot Frixion

Customer Reviews

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Nagma Sharma
Writes like velvet!

the pain is so smooth, including the finish and the writing- makes me want to write, even when I'm occupied!


there's a story.

infinitely refillable and

infinitely recyclable.


but light as a feather.

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