2024 Daily Planner (Imperfect)

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Colour: Mulberry
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Made in Canada

Limited Edition

100% Recycled Ribbons

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Imperfect stock has cover issues, such as glue, scratches, dents, or dings. The inside layout is uncompromised!

Say hello to the daily planner for 2024, complete with an hourly schedule and spacious to do list. Perfect for those who desire an entire page per day with plenty of room to jot down tasks, journal, or take notes. 

This dated daily planner is handcrafted in Canada and boasts 400 pages of bleed-resistant 120 GSM paper— chosen to pair splendidly with Tombows, Mildliners, and extra fine fountain pens. The light dotted square graph paper allows for creativity, good penmanship, or both. 

Each planner also features a satin ribbon duo, crafted 100% from recycled bottles. Hemlock & Oak Planners are crafted in Canada with carefully-selected, sustainable and innovative materials, so you can feel good about using them.

  • Available in eight limited edition colours. Once they are gone, they are not restocked.
  • Each gorgeous satin ribbon duo is 100% made from recycled bottles.

Customer Reviews

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Sonia H. (Ontario, Canada)
Instagram: sonia_kristina73
Best of the Best

I adore my H&O planners - I use a daily at work, and a weekly for myself. The paper is sublime, the layout is clean and subtle allowing for a multitude of layouts and uses. I also love the bullet journals - I used one last year as a book tracker. The paper is think and smooth; there is rarely any bleeding (very wet & inky markers are the only ones I’ve ever had some shadowing with). The covers are gorgeous, and the linen and colours are pure happiness. This is the planner I go back to again and again. Definitely 5 star. And Canadian! Woo!

Eunice (Ontario, Canada)
Daily Journal

I'm not sure that this format is for me (I'm coming from using a bujo) but I have only great things to say about the paper and the overall product. The paper has NO bleeding, it's milky white with a soft almost velvet-y sheen that has just enough tooth for all my favorite pens. It's an absolute dream!

It's a chunky book but the lavender cover is gorgeous. I do wish there was a pen loop and band as with many journals but that could affect the aesthetic a bit. If you love paper, you won't be disappointed!

Daniela (Vienna, Austria)
Instagram: Ella.nature
Great planner!

I love the hardcover and the structure of the sites! The paper is thick and sturdy.


Highest quality and best planners to customize to your dreams and purposes. The owner’s backstory of product development is one big reason why the planners are so useful: she’s given all of us, especially those who struggle once our health limitations conflict with our productivity mindsets, a way to begin healing from overachiever’s monkey mind. I use a daily to track my medical stuff, another daily as a journal; a weekly to plan my dreams of action girl healing, another weekly to track and praise my actual daily activities (trying to close the gap between the two). Awesome planners, truly.

Christine B. (Saskatchewan, Canada)
Instagram: r4mom
Just what I was looking for

I was trying to find a daily planner that included both a daily schedule and "to do" list. This planner checks off all the boxes for what I was looking for and it is beautiful to boot. I also love that I am supporting a Canadian business. My whole experience from ordering to shipping to now using has been excellent. I highly recommend!