2023 Daily Planner
2023 Daily Planner
2023 Daily Planner
2023 Daily Planner
2023 Daily Planner
2023 Daily Planner
2023 Daily Planner

2023 Daily Planner   

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  • Made in Canada
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Plan to your heart's content.
Your busy brain will thank you for giving it so much room for to-dos, tasks, notes, and whatever else it needs. More importantly, it will appreciate having space for self-care and personal values!

A full year of daily plans on 400 pages of bright white 120gsm paper that pairs perfectly with Tombows, Mildliners, and fine fountain pens. 

All of our planners are crafted in Canada with sustainable materials, so you can feel good about using them.

  • Available in seven limited edition colours. Once they are gone, they're gone.
  • Each gorgeous satin ribbon trio is 100% made from recycled bottles
  • Bleed-resistant 120gsm/80lb paper (FSC & SFI certified)
  • Size: 5.8" x 8.3"
  • 4.2mm grid size
  • Weighs approximately 710g
  • Light dotted graph grids 
  • 400 pages 
  • Lay-flat binding 
  • Plant-based inks
  • Designed in Vancouver, BC
  • Made in Canada
  • Daily, minimal layout with a daily wellness reminder and 6-10 schedule
  • Each monthly calendar is followed by daily pages
  • Each page has space for a daily focus, intentions, and plenty of light boxes that can be used for personal, academic, or work-related to-dos!

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Pre-order FAQ

When will you ship my pre-order?

We expect to begin shipping in mid-late October, and for orders to start arriving in early November. After pre-orders are caught up, new orders will usually ship within 1-3 business days.

How long are pre-orders open for?

We launch pre-orders for each collection to help us fund manufacturing. As H&O planners are produced in small hand-crafted batches, pre-orders provide our community first access to popular colours, which sell out quickly.

As we catch up on shipping pre-orders, we transition to regular shipping within 1-3 days of order receipt. We try to ship in large batches, and usually ship these 2 or 3 times a week, so there isn’t a long wait before your order gets on its way. We make exceptions for upgraded shipping and try to take those to the post office as soon as possible.

Can I change my pre-order? 

Please email us at hello@hemlockandoak.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate (but we cannot guarantee changes). Please include your order number, address, and details. Please note that if your order has already shipped, we have no way of having it returned to us.

What if I pre-order and order something that's currently in stock?

Please note that if you order, for example, a pre-order planner and in-stock pen – these will ship together when the planners arrive. Please order separately if you would like in-stock items to arrive sooner.

What do I do if I'm moving or changing addresses during the pre-order period? 

If you are moving during the expected delivery timeframe (October-November), please get in touch with us ASAP about an address change. We will do our best to get this information updated before your order is sent out. Just email hello@hemlockandoak.com and indicate ‘URGENT’ in the subject line, and please include: your order number, new address and any other details.

Goodbye, stressful weeks.

Our mindfully-crafted weekly pages help you stick with your values and prioritize self-care.

Specs here

we'll talk about specs and all that here

Utilizing sustainable materials that are backed with plenty of research is one of our core values. We are constantly investing in new material options, and push the limits of our budget to bring them to you!

This includes:
- using materials with post-consumer waste, recycled content, and strong certifications wherever possible
- shipping without plastic and minimizing our plastic usage in our own office
- partnering with FSC certified, Ancient Forest Friendly mills that practice responsible forest management
- ensuring that our materials are renewable and recyclable wherever we can
- staying local to minimize our carbon footprint, which a lot of production done in-house
- partnering alongside others that care about the environment as well

Our journals, planners, and notepads are crafted in Canada in small batches. Rather than being mass produced and moved great distances via container ships like 90% of the stationery world, we choose to stay as close to home as we can.

In addition to supporting an entire local network of craftspeople, freight emissions involved in local production are significantly reduced. This is with respect to getting your order to your doorstep, as well as sourcing materials that are used to craft products. Your purchase supports small businesses and reinvestment in ethical and sustainable products.
We believe that ethical labour is fair compensation in a country with:

- adequate vacation and sick leave
- safe working conditions
- strong employment standards and employee rights
- equal opportunity for all regardless of gender, race, disability, sexuality, or religion For this reason, we choose to partner primarily with Canadian manufacturers due to the Canadian Human Rights Act, Employment Equity Act, and the Canada Labour Code.

Post-consumer Waste refers to goods that are manufactured, used by the consumer, and then diverted away from the landfill and into a new product. For instance, plastic water bottles or containers placed into a blue bin. These plastics are taken to a regional facility, where a manufacturer might purchase them to create something new. In our case, planner ribbons. All of our planner ribbons are created from plastic bottles.

Unfortunately, so much plastic ends up in the ocean and/or in landfills. That is why post-consumer waste is a key to diverting pollution from landfills, and we that it will play a large role in positive environmental change for the future.

Stone paper has become a popular alternative, and we have been asked several times about this material. We did test it personally, but encountered many issues with it.

First, to our knowledge, this paper variant is only manufactured overseas. This would compromise our value of local production. What was worse, though, was that one of us developed a migraine due to sensitivity to the smell of the product. We are not sure if it was due to the binding glue used, the HDPE (a plastic used to make stone paper), or something else in the material. However, we do not think toxic smells should be part of a stationery experience. It's not a good sign in our minds.

Second, we find some of the environmental claims about materials like these dubious:

- Stone is not a renewable resource like paper. For stone to even begin regenerating, it takes millions of years. In comparison, some species of trees grow as fast as two feet a year. There is a reason why wood has been used by humans as a resource for millions of years! Responsible forest management is at the core, and when done properly, wood is a very beneficial, eco-friendly resource.
- Stone paper is not curbside recyclable in our curbside collection (even though some companies claim it is).
- Stone paper is combined with HDPE, a plastic, as mentioned above.

In terms of stationery usage, our ink smudged a lot. We also felt that the paper would ruin some of our beloved pen nibs over time.

Regardless, we encourage you to do your own research. For now, we source paper from FSC-certified mills that are local, incorporate post-consumer waste into their paper, and are at the forefront of responsible forest management.

The main reason is that despite testing many 100% PCW papers, we haven’t found one that stands up to all the media used by the community. This includes highlighters, art markers, distress oxides, fountain pens, etc. However, we do source papers that are untreated, made local, use responsible forest management, and have a high regenerative rate.

The best way to create more PCW products, however, is to keep supporting PCW. It is largely expensive to manufacture and budget is a limitation. This does not mean that all virgin fibre is bad for the environment. Trees can regenerate and grow as much as two feet in a single year! It's been an amazing resource for humans for millions of years, and we pride ourselves in partnering with mills that have some of the best practices in forest management in the world.

While all of our products are sustainable, our notepads are made from 100% post-consumer waste, are fully recyclable, and have the lowest carbon footprint. All of our planners use ribbons made from 100% PCW. Our planner covers and paper are also FSC-certified. Oxford and Matte Black contain 58% post-consumer waste in their covers and they are fully recyclable. Our brass pens are recyclable as well, our recycled aluminium ones being infinitely so. Last, our stickers are PVC-free and the liners are recyclable in your curbside recycling. Most sticker liners are not.

Your planner saves 0 mm of plastic from the trash.

Our ribbon trio is made from plastic bottles

Our ribbon trio is made from plastic bottles collected from recycling facilities. It's then spun into yarn and then our ribbons! With this change, we've diverted nearly 6 kilometers of new plastic from the waste cycle.

You can judge this book by its cover.


Whether you choose the classic woven textile material or the recyclable 58% post-consumer waste soft-touch matte covers,
both options are reach-compliant and fsc-certified. Each purchase helps us set new standards for stationery and keeps it Canadian-made.

Try it for free.

Try it for free by downloading the PDF here! We'll send it straight to your inbox, and you can print and test it at home to make sure it's for you.

Find what works for you.

2023 Dated Planner Comparison


Weekly (Signature)

classic H&O planner with guided intro section

Weekly (Minimal)

compact A5 size, without intro section


streamlined daily layout - a page per day for the full year

Pages 224 196 224
Cover Size 6.35" x 8.5" 5.8" x 8.3 (A5) 6.35" x 8.5"
Column Size 1.5" TBD Daily pages
Ribbons Trio (100% PCW) Trio (100% PCW) Trio (100% PCW)
Colours 7 7 7
Hardcover & Lay-flat Binding Yes Yes Yes
Intro section Yes No No

Customer Reviews

Based on 202 reviews
Amazing Planner!

I have purchased an undated and dated planner from Hemlock & Oak now and I can honestly say I don't think I will ever buy another brand. These planners are so well thought out and aesthetically pleasing. As someone who solely takes notes on graphing paper, these planners are perfect. I love the reflection pages, as well as the extra room in the weekly planners for tasks and self-care. LOVE to support Canadian-made, small businesses! Thank you Tia & team!

Elizabeth B.

This planner is beautiful inside and out. The craftsmanship and detailing is gorgeous and the pages have everything you need to get your planning on! I honestly don't think I'll ever go back to another brand after using Hemlock and Oak!

Mattea H.
The Planner to Rule Them All!

This planner is exactly what I need from running a crazy schedule of multiple people, a company and working in mainstream corporate too.
I have experienced burnout and this planner really helps me manage an extensive high-stress and high-performance schedule while still scheduling time for me to be as balanced as possible.

I recommend this to all of my friends and family!

Beautiful, clean and efficient!

I have never managed to keep up a planning routine until now! I keep this open on my desk, and it has helped me organize appointments and goals so well. I really appreciate the attention to small details and the minimal design, which makes it easy to personalize. The materials are exceptional quality and your pens will not bleed through the pages. Definitely my favorite planner of all time! Thank you!

Emi V.
My favourite brand!!!

Iii can't way enough good things about this brand. Every single thing from the packaging, the product, the sourcing, the marketing is all intentional and detailed. I appreciate the packaging of the planner and the brass pen so much. I love the planner, and have been using it for over a month now since the new year and I'm just loving it. It's helping me stay present, feel grounded in my life and the weight of the pen helps me to stay mindful and grounded too. I just love this brand and I'm so glad I came across them on IG. All sustainable materials too, which is what they take pride in. I just love them so much. Please support this business, they deserve it.

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