The Dangers of Microplastics: Protecting Our Health and the Environment

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The Dangers of Microplastics: Protecting Our Health and the Environment

Microplastics are a major threat to our health and the environment, and they are present in almost every aspect of our daily lives. These tiny pieces of plastic, which are less than 5mm in size, are found in cosmetics, clothing, packaging, and a wide range of other products. In the stationery industry, plastics are commonly used in faux leather cover materials, product shrink wrap, packaging and during shipping. 

While microplastics may be invisible to the naked eye, their impact on the environment and on human health is anything but insignificant. Microplastics can enter the food chain and can be ingested by marine life, which can then be passed up the food chain to humans. This can have serious health consequences, as microplastics can contain harmful chemicals which can accumulate in the body over time.

In addition to their impact on human health, microplastics also pose a serious threat to the environment. These tiny pieces of plastic are not biodegradable, and can persist in the environment for hundreds of years. This means that they can accumulate in the oceans, in the soil, and in other ecosystems, and can have a devastating impact on wildlife and the environment.

At Hemlock & Oak, we are committed to reducing the use of plastics, and to promoting sustainable and responsible production practices. We ship our products plastic-free, and actively choose materials that contain as little plastic as possible. This means that when you buy an H&O planner, you are not only getting high-quality and sustainable products, but you are also supporting a small business that is committed to reducing its environmental impact and to protecting the health of our planet and its inhabitants.

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