How to use a daily planner or agenda?

How to use a daily planner or agenda?

Everyone has their own style! Often times, people plan out their next week during a weekend. This allows you to find time for self-care despite the business we are often faced with. 

Some #hemlockandoakers ( choose to set out their weekly tasks and appointments, and then use highlighters to rank or categorize them for easier review.

We've heard that the use of the space at the bottom of the Signature Planner's weekly spreads provides room to jot down notes, moods, weather, sleep tracking, habit tracking, and so on.

It's normal for the use of a planner to change throughout a year, depending on the changing priorities in our life. Seeing the Year At A Glance lets us plan for the major events and to ensure these do not pop up unexpectedly to surprise us.

Hemlock & Oak planners also leave room for notes, which can be used in a bullet-journal fashion.

New for 2022 are monthly overviews, that provide space to catalogue moments that filled us with energy, or potentially left us feeling drained. This was something our community expressed interest in, so we've brought these pages into the layout. As well, new in our 2022 Planner are wishlists and bucketlists! 

Thank you so much for reading and happy planning!