How to organize and use a planner or agenda?

How to organize and use a planner or agenda? | Hemlock & Oak

How to organize and use a planner or agenda? 

Daily planners are one of the best ways to organize your life. They are designed to help you organize your day by allowing you to easily identify and set out your to-dos and tasks. Some planners focus primarily on goals, where as others are more focused on your achievements.

How to organize your agenda?

There are several ways to organize your planner. We will cover some of the more popular styles, but each person can make their planner unique.

We are currently working on a Cornell Notes post, to discuss this super efficient note taking method. You can use the notes pages in the back to try these out during meetings, courses, or even brainstorming sessions. In the future, we are planning to release bullet journals which this technique would work extremely well with. 

As well, mind maps (also called concept maps) are an excellent way to organize thoughts about a concept. It could simply be a braindump of ideas, or something more organized than that. This is something up to every individual user.

Apart from those specific techniques, Hemlock & Oak planners are designed to provide structure and organization with weekly, monthly, and yearly overviews, while providing flexibility at the bottom of each weekly spread to note-take, or to add to your planner to make it stand out and suit your needs!

Check out the #hemlockandoak tag on IG to see the ways in which the community has been using their planners!

Thank you so much for reading and happy planning!