What is the best planner or agenda?

What is the best planner or agenda?

Best is usually subjective. There are so many planners out there, and sometimes people look for very specific features. We are a small business in our first year, and are focused on (1) helping you achieve goals without burnout, and (2) creating products that are high quality and as sustainable as possible. There are many styles of planners to try, but there are a few keys reasons why we believe Hemlock & Oak could be a good fit for you.

1. Hemlock & Oak planners are made in Canada:

Unlike a lot of competitors, we actually manufacture locally in Canada, and the majority of our materials are North American as well. The few exceptions are our Italian linen covers, and our stickers which are currently made in the UK. We worked hard to make sure our stickers are fully recyclable (the backing as well), as it is important for us to minimize the waste created by our business. We have plans to bring this in-house as we grow. 

2. Hemlock & Oak planners use high-quality materials:

The paper is thick, luxurious and bright (80lb/120GSM), which is resistant to bleed-through and ghosting. Our community has reviewed our planner and note it works well with fountain pens. The paper we use is thicker than the Tomoe River paper used by Hobonichi and other brands, and does not contain coatings that make it difficult to recycle. Of course, paper is a personal preference, and we will continue experimenting as we grow. After all, we believe continuous improvement is the key to serving our community, and we are only in our first year.

3. Hemlock & Oak planners focus on self-care:

Hemlock & Oak planners are intended to help you focus on your values and self-care, so that goals are not only about an end-result, but a journey that provides you with time to reflect and enjoy the small things. Even when we face challenges, as long as we focus on aligning with our values, this makes us more resilient.

Thank you so much for reading and happy planning!